2017 – 2018: A Race Between Good or bad

2017 – 2018: Race Between Good or Bad Dr. Colum Murphy President Geneva School of Diplomacy As we look back on 2017 one of the most remarkable events of that turbulent year, not yet known worldwide to historians, was the the concert mounted by Geneva School of Diplomacy students in November in the historic evening “GSD’s … Continue reading 2017 – 2018: A Race Between Good or bad



By Hassan Aboul-Enein, GSD alumnus Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, Class of 2017 This is simply the single word that describes my feelings after participating in the modalities of the World Youth Forum held in Sharm El Sheikh in November 2017. I am also more energised to reach and conclude my ambition of contributing … Continue reading STARSTRUCK!

Looking at diplomacy with fresh eyes

Looking at Diplomacy With Fresh Eyes STACY DANIKA SIA ALCANTARA, Department of Foreign Affairs, Republic of the Philippines I came home exhausted from a string of meetings at work.  I had already marked my second year in the Philippine Foreign Service when I decided that it might be about time to stop, sit down, and … Continue reading Looking at diplomacy with fresh eyes

An American, a Russian, and an Iraqi walk into a bar…

Georgetown University Exchange Student, Meredith Forsyth, shares her experiences so far at GSD and living in the middle of Europe. An American, a Russian, and an Iraqi walk into a bar… Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, right? My experience thus far as an exchange student at GSD has actually sounded much like … Continue reading An American, a Russian, and an Iraqi walk into a bar…

Why Geneva? Opportunities!

Why Geneva? A personal story about life in Geneva as a foreigner By Ms. Maria Fernanda Martinez Gutierrez, Marketing Communications Intern @GSD Quite often people have asked me why I chose to come to Geneva. Without any hesitation I must admit that this is a question that is not easy to answer due to the … Continue reading Why Geneva? Opportunities!

Have a message

'Have a message', by Mr. Stefan G. Ziegler, Humanitarian Practitioner, Lecturer and Trainer I am honoured to be part of a small but intriguingly special university institute and particularly among my colleagues in the faculty. My background is based on praxis. Of course, I did have the chance to study sociology of development and international … Continue reading Have a message

International Relations – Quo Vadis?

International Relations  -  Quo Vadis? By Mr. Alexander Likhotal, former President of Green Cross International, Deputy Spokesman and Adviser to the President of the USSR, President Mikhail Gorbachev, and GSD Faculty member Next semester I will be teaching at GSD the course in IR “World Politics: Trends and Transformations”. The academic discipline of IR is … Continue reading International Relations – Quo Vadis?

From local politics to contributing internationally

From local politics to (dreaming of) contributing internationally By Ms. Fawzia Koofi Member of Parliament in Kabul, Afghanistan and Vice President of the National Assembly and Executive Master student at GSD When I first came to politics in 2005, my core focus was not international relations; representing one of the remotest provinces located in Pamir … Continue reading From local politics to contributing internationally

Geneva and ”the field”

‘Geneva and ''the field'’ – By Gilles-Emmanuel Jacquet, lecturer at GSD Geneva is a very unique city by its size and its role in international relations as it hosts 34 international organizations, 255 permanent missions and delegations representing 175 countries [1] as well as hundreds of international and local NGOs. Every year more than 2500 … Continue reading Geneva and ”the field”

Keeping Humanity Afloat

Keeping Humanity Afloat By, Siofra Sharpe, Head of Humanitarian Affairs GSD “You make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give.” – Winston Churchill What would a school of Diplomacy and International Relations be without a humanitarian heart, a desire to develop real projects for real people and real … Continue reading Keeping Humanity Afloat